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A tree stump in your residential or commercial property not only becomes a visual distraction, but it also becomes a hazard for your children or visitors. Overtime, new sprouts can also start growing there, leading to uncontrolled tree growth.


Why take that chance? Contact Integrity Tree Care & Landscaping of Tyler, TX, a fully licensed and insured tree service provider with 18 years of experience in professional stump grinding at competitive prices in Tyler and the surrounding towns.


Reliable Tree Stump Grinding Services

in Tyler, TX

Effective stump grinding services

You can also get our uniformed personnel to drop by your property during the weekends by booking an appointment or by calling us during an emergency. If you require references, we're more than happy to make the information available to you.


Our services are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. To know more, contact Maggie by calling 903-581-5566 as soon as possible.

Call for a FREE estimate.


Grind tree stumps to reduce risk to your property and yourself

  • Stump grinding down to 6 inches

  • Hole-filling to grade

  • Debris cleanup

  • Stump mulch put in to maintain the health of the soil

  • Debris recycling into mulch

With us, you get a FREE estimate for our stump grinding service, which includes:

Tree Pruning Tool Stump Grinding Debris Cleanup